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Wiraka Signed Two Exclusive Agents To Strengthen Cooperation Strategy with Aramith, UK Hainsworth Cloth , Northern Rubber Cushion

During the 17th Guangzhou International Billiards and Related Facilities Exhibition in 2023, Wiraka Group, the Asian billiards pioneer and internationally recognized billiards industry leader, participated in the exhibition for the 16th time. Ms.Daphne Leong , Director of Singapore Wiraka Pte Ltd (Head Office), who came to Guangzhou from Singapore to attend the exhibition, reached a cooperation with the Managing Director Mr. Theocharis Kosta  of Luckyman Billiards, a well-known Greek brand. Authorized its exclusive sales of Wiraka’s products in Greece, including the designated table for the men's 9-ball World Championship - the Dynasty American game table.


Ms. Daphne Leong Signs Contract with Mr. Theocharis Kosta of Luckyman Billiards

Wiraka is the sole agent / distributor of many international famous brands, such as UK Hainsworth textile cloth, Belgian Aramith ball, Iwan Simonis and Northern rubber Cushion and so on. During the exhibition, Wiraka and Aramith conducted in-depth discussions on upcoming new orders, new products, market updates, and how to better serve the Chinese billiards industry. In view of the shortage of stock and delivery problems in the market, Mr Yves  said it would actively cooperate with Wiraka  to prioritize the solution of the Chinese market.

2Director Daphne , General Manager Jannies Ng and Aramith Sales Director Yves , 6811 Sales Director Duncan, and Chinese representative Mr. Leo


Ms. Daphne Leong and Ms. Jannies Ng exchanged views with Ms. Diane, Sales Director of UK  Hainsworth  Cloth , and Mr. Nigel, Quality Director of Hainsworth.

it is reported that the upgrading of the new equipment has been put into production. The new machine has won market acclaim for its more stable and more cloth In order to ensure domestic and foreign demand, Ms Diane promised to increase supply.


The Northern Rubber cushion has been fully tested to ASTM D2240, ASTM D412, ASTM D2632 and ASTM D573 standards to meet international standards in terms of speed and accuracy of the cushion.


Ms Jannies Ng and Super Vision founder Mr. Liang Dong signed

Wiraka’s global sales network has won the favor of domestic new technology companies. During the exhibition, Wiraka and smart snooker system developer Super Vision reached a cooperation to jointly develop overseas market sales, leasing, after-sales and maintenance systems and other business.

Wiraka will expand at least 100 high-end clubs in international market within Two years to develop new high level international standard events to comprehensively promoting and sponsor to the   International World Tournament and other events.

5Ms. Daphne Leong , Ms. Jannies with Mr. Joonas, TAOM Sales Director, Representative and Partner Mr. Mika

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